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Remove AVG Antivirus through the control panel

How to remove avg antivirus

Open the Windows Control Panel and, depending on the operating system, select the “Uninstall Programs” menu, Add or Remove Programs or “Programs and Features”. Find all the programs in the list that have AVG in their names (for example, AVG Security Toolbar, AVG Web TuneUp, etc.) and delete them one by one:

  1. When you run the Repair or Delete wizard, select the Delete option.
  2. Confirm the complete removal of AVG antivirus from the system.
  3. Wait until the removal is complete, and confirm the restart of the computer.
  4. After the reboot, delete in the same way all remaining AVG products.

If you cannot completely remove AVG antivirus programs in a standard way, use a special utility to remove AVG from the system – AVG Remover.

AVG Remover utility

Removal of AVG antivirus AVG Remover utility. The AVG Remover utility removes all parts of AVG antivirus products from the system, including files, drivers, and registry entries.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the utility will also delete all settings and licenses, as well as, quarantine files. If necessary, make a backup copy of the data you need.

Close all open windows and programs. Run the utility (AVG_Remover.exe file) and click “CONTINUE” to start the utility:

The utility will start to search for AVG components on your system – this may take some time. Then you will see a list of products found. Check them and click “Remove”

If the utility does not find the installed AVG products on your system, you will continue to run the forced removal of all possible AVG files and records. In this case, click “Run anyway”:

Wait until the utility is completed, and confirm the computer restart by clicking “Restart”:

After restarting the computer, the utility will continue its work. This, too, can take a long time:

When the utility window closes, the removal will be completed. After that, restart the computer.

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