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Best antivirus for windows 10

You have valuable and expensive accessories in your home and your gate is open with no guard. What do you think will happen? Obviously, you will get robbed. Do you think it would be your fault? Of course yes. You will be the one blamed for negligence. Now the point is how could you have avoided this situation? Well, you may have use security and locked your valuables in safe.

You probably are wondering why I am talking about this stuff when our topic is about best antiviruses. Before you know about the best options available you need to know why it is mandatory to use them.

Protect your data with the best antivirus for windows 10

Your data can be your most important asset. Something you never want to lose but the question is how to protect it? In this era of technology, your device is not safe even if you don’t let anyone touch it. So, what’s the solution? Well, the solution is to use the best antivirus for windows 10.

Now let’s check what antivirus is? As the name suggests, it’s the cure to kill the viruses which damage your device and destroy your data.

Today there are plenty of antiviruses available on the internet but not all of them are compatible with the latest windows 10. So today we are going to check some best antiviruses one can use for windows 10.

List of best antiviruses for windows 10

  1. Our first pick is a Bitdefender. It is one of the best option with a small interface. You will not even feel its presence in your device. You can switch on the virus shield so it can detect every time a virus gets in contact with your device. It also has an auto-scan which allows you to scan your data before you run it every time. Now you might be wondering how this basic software could come in the list of one of the top options. Well, this is the whole point. It is the best option for those people who are not tech-savvy like your mother or younger sibling who just use the computer for games or anyone else who is least interested in all the other perks of good antiviruses.
  2. The second option we have chosen for you is AVG antivirus. It offers more services then bit defender. On top of everything it allows you to manage your scan schedule. It means if you feel a need to run a scan but can’t do it now then you can simply schedule it for later. It also allows you to scan your entire device which can include thousands of files. Not only can this but you also select specific files if you want. It protects your device from web-based attacks too. For instance, if you are surfing the web and there is malicious content which can harm your device then in such case AVG antivirus not only intervene but also protect your data. It also guards you against spam emails who can pose a threat to your security so isn’t it wonderful?
  3. Our third pick for you is Avast antivirus. This is the best option you can find for free. It allows you to run a smart scan every time you think it’s needed. Here you find multiple options like either you want to scan for out-dated software’s or just for performance issues.  The bottom line is, this is one of the best antivirus for windows 10.
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