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AVG Ultimate 2020 Antivirus review

AVG Ultimate is a reliable security package that is worth considering if you are on the market for new antivirus software.

Since AVG is owned by Avast, we initially had low expectations after a recent revision of Avast Premier and finding out that some key modules were only supported by the application trial versions.

Our first happy surprise was the price.

The integrated password manager, VPN, and driver updates are optional additions, but equivalents can be obtained for free or at a low price from other sources.

Also included in the price is PC Tuneup.

In terms of protection, there are many coincidences with AVG.

The file screen scans all files when programs try to open them, and the behavior screen prevents programs from suddenly acting in a suspicious or malicious way.

As is the case with the increase in the number of other AV-products, it is nice to see that the so-called “next-generation” functions, like these, penetrate domestic products.

The web screen scans all files downloaded from the Internet and blocks known web attacks, and the e-mail firewall protects you from receiving unsafe attachments.

Like many AVG antivirus free, the built-in firewall adds another layer of protection.

This is useful for diagnostics, but for a non-expert it can be pretty scary to find out how many connections are running Windows with the rest of the world.

There is also an explicit ransomware module.

Backup is “strict” mode, which means that you must agree with any and all actions that change or delete files in your protected folders.

Also included is a safe in which you can place confidential files.

For some reason, spam protection is not installed by default and requires a reboot of the system when you click the install button.

Finally, the fake website screen detects fake websites to keep you safe when accessing your bank, shopping online, etc.

There are also several types of system scans, including a dedicated USB / DVD analysis in AVG.

The idea is that it will scan your disks the next time you start the computer and start up before Windows (and any hidden malware) starts.

The Android version has the look and feel of Avast.

Along with scanning, you also get anti-theft to locate and remotely wipe your phone, photo storage to keep your memories safe, WiFi security tester and broadband speed test.

There is also an application lock through which you can insist on a PIN code to run certain programs.

An expanded photo gallery is also available and advertising is supported.


Unlimited installation and improvement capabilities for more than ten people than his stable assistant make AVG Ultimate a winner for families.

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